carry that weight (what’s in my bag?)

not pictured: pepperspray. i left that one in my apartment back in san diego😉

1. a small bag (gifted by my lovely best friend) where i keep a pen and sketchbook in
2. sony cybershot + pouch, for the days that my DSLR is too heavy or valuable
3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Express Brow Kit courtesy of the lovely people of Confluence PR (this kit is amazing,you can use it for and as anything– eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner. it’s nice and compact too, so i carry it with me a lot. available in blond or brunette)
4. random chapstick
5. rocks. my mother has a professional rock polisher so we like to go to beaches and pick up really awesome rocks (agates are my favorite)
6. ipod video & headphones
7. leopard pouch where i carry tissues and other non interesting stuff in
8. book for when i’m bored or waiting on slow people; one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez
9. ray ban tortoise shell (stole them from my friend haha)
10. usb
11. watch and bracelets — the daily trifecta (one of them actually belongs to my friend, again)
12. iphone
13. ‘wallet’, more like a plastic pouch that the university gave to me when i was a freshman
14. gum that my big gave to me during little love days which was like 2 months ago? haha
15. contact case


30 thoughts on “carry that weight (what’s in my bag?)

  1. i also love looking people's bags… is nice to see what people carry around, and is nice to see thngs from other people, other cultures, othr languages… and in the end realize its all the same… just need subtitles to understand each other.
    hope you are having a nice week!

  2. i saw you on the mtv blog and you are so fun to read. i love the cynical way you write and the little comments you make– refreshing!

  3. Love seeing what's inside people's bags:)

    You fit a lot into that bag – is it very heavy? Looks really similar to a Balenciaga city, is it the same size?

  4. I am soo jelous of your bag it is amazing, Balenciaga does some of the best bags, I would love to be able to afford one:) Love yout blog and your style . xxx

  5. I love the idea of the what's in my bag post and I love your blog, I just followed you . Thank's for the nice comment on my blogs, truly means a lot ! It's the weirdest thing, I still don't know if I'm just a lunatic or if it's because of the hormones haha . But oh well:)
    Have a nice day xx

  6. i really need a collapsible bag like this! in DC, they charge you at the grocery store for bags and i am always swinging by on my way back from work or the library to pick up a thing or two. i keep meaning to buy a little collapsible bag and customised bags to stuff in my bookbag every day:)

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